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Maya Subscription | Buy Maya 2017 | Autodesk Subscribe to Maya 3D animation, modeling, and rendering software. Get the latest updates and access to prior versions. tsuki歌词


What's New in Maya 2017 | Maya | Autodesk Knowledge Network Nov 22, 2016 - Note: Maya 2017 includes all the updates from previous extension releases. For a full list of the updates in those releases, see: What's New in 大叔镇楼

What's New In Maya 2017 | Features | Autodesk Maya® 2017 software includes new features and artist-friendly tools such as Arnold in Maya, Time Editor, Bifrost Ocean Simulation System, and Interactive hair grooming (XGen). 3D animation (9) Import or copy and paste SVG files into Maya. (video: 7:16 min.) 青青在线视视频

// New features in Maya 2017 - Aug 17, 2016 - Paul Hatton explores some of the not-to-miss features of the latest Maya 2017 update, including the Arnold renderer and oceanography

Download Maya 2017 | Free Trial Version | Autodesk Download the free trial version of Maya 2017.

Autodesk unveils Maya 2017 | CG Channel Autodesk has unveiled Maya 2017, the latest update to its 3D modelling and animation software, adding a new Time Editor for editing